A Summer Favorite ~ Stuffed Summer Squash {Central Coast, Ca}

Some of the true fruits of the season!  Tender squashes during this time of year don't need big fancy recipes to let their flavor shine through.  Who has time for big fancy recipes during summer, anyway?

This stuffed squash recipe is so simple that I won't even type out a proper recipe~

I gently scoop out the inside of each squash half (I've found that a small melon baller works best for me), taking care not to dig too deep. This will give you little squash boats to fill with your stuffing.  Using a knife or pulsing food processor, chop the scooped out squash and combine with chopped onion, peppers, and whatever other vegetables you'd like.  Here I've also added shredded carrot and chopped parsley.  A bit of salt, pepper, garlic for seasoning, and a sprinkle of bread crumbs to keep the mixture together, (quinoa is also great in these).

Fill your squash with the mixture and top with a bit of Parmesan, goat or feta cheese. I pop these into a 375 degree oven until slightly browned on top (20-30 minutes depending on squash size).  Yum!

If you are looking for another simple recipe for these summer squash beauties, here is my recipe for Squash Ribbons with Parmesean.