A Taste of Tahiti

October 21, 2008 Yes, I admit it.  I'm living vicariously through a couple of my dearest friends.

The ones who just got back from two weeks in Tahiti...

As compensation for not allowing me to stow away in one of their suitcases, I got two of the best presents I could ever dream of.  Tahitian vanilla beans and two gorgeous black pearls (Johnny Depp would even be jealous of these...)  The owners of the home my friends stayed in also own a vanilla bean plantation.  Stories of the woman keeping a jug of the beans in her car just to make it smell heavenly...and how you could rub a bit of the beans' scent behind your ears (which I did immediately, only to discover the brown smudges on my neck later that night...ack!).

Such high quality vanilla beans are the ultimate in reusing and recycling.  A whole bean can be baked in a cake, pulled out before serving and used again and again.  For those that enjoy a cocktail now and then (stop looking at me), just put a bean in a bottle of good rum, bourbon or vodka and let its yumminess infuse the alcohol.  Great stuff in recipes or...hmmm...

It's ironic that the word "vanilla" is used to describe bland and boring stuff.  I guess those people never had the pleasure of handling one of these beauties up close...a tropical scent that is both sweet and faintly spicy

Yup, for those that know me, these rival a gift of pearls.

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