A word on Baby Food...

December 23, 2009

Ah a milestone!  While J isn't depending on solid foods for nutrition at this age, it's a critical time to expose him to what the world of food has to offer...and of course I love taking hilarious photos of him while we do that!

Around 4 months old, babies begin to see more colors (reds and greens first).  Exposing them to different food textures is great as well...a puree of squash, a mashed banana, some blended zucchini (MUST BE ALL ORGANIC and well washed).  Different spices such as cinnamon are great to use as well.  I adjust the consistency with breast milk, water or rice cereal.  Some studies have shown that this age is the start of a window of time when childrens' tastes and preferences are molded.  After a couple years of age, the window starts to close and kiddos can become almost scared to try anything new.  It's so important to us that he is not a picky or unhealthy eater, and I will refuse to have a child that will only eat chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.  (Plus if we have those in the house, James and I will totally eat all of them.)

For the gourmet meal above, steam an organic zucchini and a tiny sprinkle of onion or garlic powder until soft and blend in a food processor.  Freeze leftovers in ice cube trays for single serving sizes to use up to a month or so later.  Due to the high water content of the zucchini, I just added a spoonful of rice cereal to his bowl.  We got some funny faces but he was a real happy camper!

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