Baby Shower Grub and some Local Plugs

July 8, 2009 So I HAD to force myself away from finishing up some important jobs to share a couple great things with you!  Our baby shower was a while ago, but here are some highlights....  okay, you got me, yes they are the edible kind of highlights.  (What else do you expect from me?)

First of all, I was so excited about my favors!  My little wedding favors didn't even come close to what Megan at Saylor Studios made up for me!  (She's lucky she wasn't around here during the wedding, I would have had her make about 3 times the amount she made this time.)

Each guest got at least one cute take-out box with a HUGE dark chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, so good!  I also got surprised with these adorable mini brownie cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (green to match everything, of course!) for snacking during the festivities.   Visit Saylor Studios for any of your cupcake needs!  *Drool*

What did we eat besides cupcakes, you ask?  One of my favorite local blogs is by an amazing whole foods chef instructor, holistic nutritionist and blogger, Correne Quigley-Faysal.  Did I mention she's also one of us Central Coasters?  Check out her blog Seasonal Cuisine.

Correne has the most tempting healthy recipes and I had to use one for shower snacks: Artichoke-Pine Nut Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms.  Oh if these just SOUND good to you, wait until you TASTE them.  I actually had to make a second batch of the artichoke pesto ate too much of the first batch to finish the recipe.  Oops.  Check out Correne's blog for some other amazing recipes!