September 1, 2008 Bananas. Chocolate chips. Pumpkin seeds (...which allows them to be classified as health food in my book).

A major conflict in my life is my husband's hatred of walnuts. How can this be? They are a major love of mine, as snacks or that incredible (oooh) Walnut Shrimp at Mei's, but especially in BANANA BREAD. They complete this baked perfection with a subtle crunch and taste than only a crazy person wouldn't appreciate.

Well, since I'm married to one of those crazy persons, I've had to improvise.

Here comes along the Pumpkin Seed. Suprisingly good for men's health, including providing protection for bones and a possible link to promoting prostate health. A quarter cup of these dark green, flat seeds can give you a good amount of certain minerals and vitamins, as well. Too bad they taste good, too; I would have had an excuse for adding in that cup of chocolate chips.

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