Summer raspberries {Central Coast, Ca}

"That's it!  We're outta here!", I said to Jesse as I placed him into his stroller.  We needed to take advantage of the fresh ocean breeze and the bright sun this past Wednesday morning. I had gotten enough of it...this summer fog that made it seem like early morning throughout the entire day.  The past month here on the Central Coast (especially in our South County area) has been cooler than normal, with far too many overcast days for my liking.

Good thing there was a sunny summer surprise waiting for us at the farmer's market.

Who could resist this gorgeous local berries?  I was so happy to meet Jan, who has been growing these beauties since 1985.  She was kind enough to give little Jesse a plum to keep him happy on the rest of our walk, which he greedily bit into over and over again until all that remained was red red juice all over his face.

I thought he'd enjoy the berries, maybe even more.

A little vanilla yogurt and a few berries stirred in.  A good snack for both baby and mama.

Too bad these berries didn't make it through the rest of the day...somehow they were eaten all up!