Best BBQ'd Ribs {Summer BBQ July Food Challenge} The Inspired Plate

"Add beer if you feel rich, add water if you feel poor."

Dad's advice about cooking ribs has always stayed in my mind. I've stayed true to his rib recipe and it's never failed. Hands down, this is one of the most delectable BBQ dinners on the planet!

I love these "Before" images...meat doesn't always look so pretty when raw, but I liked these!

I love the ease of barbecuing, any kind of outdoor grilling really; it's quick and doesn't heat up the house. I even cook bacon outside on the BBQ side burner! (I love the smell of bacon but not if it lingers in the house for a whole day..)

We've been venturing into grilling more vegetables this year. (Hands down FAVORITE? Portabella Burgers!) Today, I paired the cutest baby zucchinis with our Baby Back Ribs...look at them...awww! The baby zuchinni was very quick to prep, just a toss in some oil and simple seasonings, and a few minutes over the flames, until grill marks develop.

I am always a sharer of recipes on this blog, but I just couldn't let myself part with this one. It's one of the few recipe memories I have from Dad. Instead, here are some yummy photos which I hope inspire you to savor your own special family recipes!

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