C is for...

October 24, 2008

...cookie.  And, yes, that's good enough for me.  I have a long love affair with the chocolate chip cookie.  As a kid I was obsessed with the Cookie Monster.  I even brought my Cookie Monster book for reading day in kindergarten...and for some reason, made sure there were Chips A'hoy crumbs crammed into each page before I brought it to school.  I remember crunching cookie after cookie into that poor book, perhaps thinking it would give me some kind of kid-coolness cred (Mom...Dad, I truly don't have any idea how I got away with sneaking all those cookies in the morning...you?).  I do remember great pride when my teacher turned each page, wiping crumbs off of her lap and exclaiming, "Boy, the last person to read this must really like cookies!".

Yes, teacher, I do.

Take the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe...subtract the all purpose flour...and the all shortening...then add whole wheat flour...and, my favorite, ricotta.  Look back to my Lemon Obsession 1, and you'll see how most fat and other icky stuff can be substituted by great things like low fat sour cream, yogurt and ricotta.

Here I made two different cookies out of one batch of dough.  The first has a bit of chopped chocolate and nuts, and the second has some cocoa powder mixed in with some extra rolled oats.

Baker alert!  I had to pass off mounds of these to friends in fear that J and I would eat them all.  I don't think there were many complaints, though.

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