Challenge: Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

November 24, 2008

Tourist? The word can throw shivers down my spine (as it could do to all of us locals)...but I'm here to say STOP YOUR WHINING!  You live in a beautiful place, whether you realize it on a daily basis or not.

I admit, though in the thick of a Pismo June, I have totally been tempted to have that license plate holder that says, "I live where you vacation".  Ooh that would be great, but it could also invite accidental fender benders from the Valley-High-Rise-Vehicles (those would be the ones filling up at the Pismo Chevron and headed straight to the dunes).

For those that actually stay here through these beautiful fall and winter months, here's a private celebration:

Be a tourist in your own town.  Because only you know it best.  Because we do live where other people wait anxiously to vacation at.

And you'd better damn well appreciate it before it changes into something you don't recognize.

My mission?  THE Mission. A month ago, J and I were strolling underneath the veranda.  I've never been in the Mission Garden during this time of the year and the smell of the ripening grapes was beyond heavenly.  I couldn't stop pacing back and forth, sniffing deeply, and probably looking like a total nerd.  I promise is worth a trip from far and wide for the experience.

We traveled back recently since the last visit was a "non-work" trip (hence no camera...what's that??).  The heavenly smell wasn't there anymore, but the beauty was.  A totally self-suficient, though precisely kept garden with limes, lemons, pomegrantes, olives...after a leisurely, self-guided tour through the Mission Museum, let the sun tempt you out into this mini-semi-urban haven.

Before that?  A stroll down Monterey Street to admire the window art from someone that J and I used to see on buildings everyday in NYC...(with their own clothing line now...weird!)...(find him yourself...)

And what I was talking for the full stream ~

OH!!! I forgot the trip to B&N for a ride up SLO's first escalator...and those Red Velvet Cupcakes, which are just heavenly on their own.

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ANY CONTRIBUTIONS FOR BEING A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN?  Be a Tourist on Flicker...don't be afraid..join me!

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