Cheers! Citrus Champagne and a Celebration


Some pretty happy changes are happening to Pretty Eats. We've gotten a beautiful new face lift from the talents over at Nubrand Websites and it couldn't be more exciting! I thought this called for a celebratory CHEERS featuring some of the season's citrus beauties. Our Citrus Champagne is refreshing, simple, and sparkly!


Rim your glasses with sparkle by simply wetting the edges and dipping in coarse sugar. Allow to dry for a few minutes. Pour in the juice of any citrus fruit you prefer, we've used  these jewel-toned blood oranges. Top your cocktail off with a pour of your favorite bubbly and say cheers to all the things that deserve celebrating in your life! 


 A big thank you to Nubrand for all of their magical web building talent! More changes to come and we can't wait to share with you!