Golden Sesame Brittle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream {Summer Dessert} Food Photography & Styling Challenge

Summertime is a bright and happy abundance on the other season holds such a grasp in my memory.

Summer is freedom for a child and I've never lost that magical sense of it.

This GORGEOUS Homemade Brittle holds the look and taste of summer. Golden light shining through, and a savory yet sugary almost-too-sweet taste...add that carmely, crunchy, stick-in-your-teeth (notice how I invent my own adjectives in this blog) goodness, to almost-melty ICE CREAM.

Golden Sesame Brittle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

My childhood SLO summer memories are popsicles you chased down from that elusive ice cream truck; running barefoot everywhere, stubbing your toes and not caring; the reading program at the SLO Library; weird and fun science classes at Cuesta College; spontaneous Slip n Slide contests at the park across the street; the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm morning

...and ice cream.

What are YOUR memories?

This is part of my grown-up version (a good burbon might be added next time)...

Read on for the simple recipe for Golden Sesame many variations possible!

Golden Sesame Brittle

3/4 c sugar

1/2 tsp Sesame Seeds


Mix sugar and seeds, scatter evenly on a cookie sheet, lined with a Sil-Pat or the like.

350 Degree oven, for about 25-30 minutes (depends on thickness)

Keep an eye on it (a few minutes too long and it don't taste too good...rotate the pan to insure even melting). When most of the sugar is melted, remove from oven.

Let Sil-Pat cool on a wire rack, carefully peel back to reveal big chunks of brittle; the crumbly leftovers are perfect for toppings.

So grateful to be a part of The Inspired Plate, our food photography and styling group!! I love all these photographers and their talent!! To see their takes on "Summer Desserts", start with the incredibly talented Kat Clark, and continue on the Blog Circle to see our whole group.