Easiest Dinner EVER: Baked Trout with Lemon, Dill & Butter {San Luis Obispo, Ca}

A short recipe here since this is the EASIEST dinner ever. Baking a whole fish is so great, and not as intimidating as it might look in cook books. It's actually SO simple to assemble, cook and debone that you might consider this as a go-to dinner every now and then.

Okay, so pick a good fish. I won't go into much detail here since you probably know the details..if you don't catch it yourself, look for clear eyes, no smell and go to a grocery store who's meat department you trust (I went to Spencer's in Arroyo Grande for this little guy, 1-1 1/2 lbs).

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spray with a bit of oil. Lay down a bed dill or fennel frawns (got these from the AG Farmer's Market for $1); this will help keep it moist while baking. Get some olive oil, butter, salt, ground pepper, sliced shallot, garlic/garlic powder and lemon slices; stuff the inside of the trout with all of this and then rub on the outside. Layer more dill or fennel frawns on top of the fish, and then tie up with kitchen twine.

Bake a whole fish at 375 degrees (fillets will take less time), for 7-10 minutes depending on size. I like to serve this with a side salad of tomatoes, sliced fennel, and a simple vinaigrette You can garnish both the salad and cooked fish with additional chopped frawns. Eat immediately and consider cooking this again for dinner next week.