Finest Foodies Friday!

March 13, 2009 Well, it seems Friday the 13th has brought Localette a bit of good luck!  I'm proud to be one of Foodie BlogRoll's Finest Foodies Friday!  Foodie BlogRoll handpicks 5 of their favorite blogs every week and it feels great to be selected.

The Left Over Queen did an extremely flattering write-up for Localette, as well...a fellow "Jenn" and foodie who has a really fun, informative and professional blog that celebrates the beauty of simplistic cooking, eating locally and making meals from scratch.  Read her blog here.  Thank you so much!

For your weekend, I wanted to share another great recipe from Cathe Olson's The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook.  These quick and easy Herbed Cottage Cheese Veggie Wraps are simple, nutritious and can be customized with any ingredient you desire!  Perfect to take along on a weekend adventure....have a great one!

Cathe Olson's The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook