Food Photography and Styling Challenge: January {Fruit on White}

I've been very lucky to have joined a Bloom Photography group, the Food Photography and Styling Challenge forum. Throughout the next year, we will be posting our results from each month's challenges. The knowledge and talent of these photographers is so inspiring (and just a little intimidating). I can't say enough about the wonderful camaraderie we have grown to have in this short few weeks. The amount of knowledge I've gained in this short time has been immense, something I've truly needed. It's WONDERFUL to bounce ideas off these incredibly talented women. Thank you to all of you and I can't wait to see what the year's challenges will make of us. I am already a better photographer because of all of you.

January's challenge: simply Fruit on White Background. These were my test subjects, didn't have time to reshoot as I planned. As always, lots of room to grow and it's totally inspired me to shoot a similar series. Pretty fun stuff. I'm looking forward to each month and it gives me good memories of being challenged in school, oh so many years ago. ;)

Here's my Fruit on White post..don't miss the link to Carey Pace | Kingsport TN lifestyle photographer, and keep clicking our links to see what all these extraordinary women have posted.

Please follow the link to see the amazingly talented Carey Pace | Kingsport TN lifestyle photographer. And continue on to see this wonderful circle of food photographers as we learn and grow. Carey is SO talented and enthusiastic, and we couldn't have this group function without her!

A big THANK YOU to our group leader, Laurie Vengoechea, San Diego and Riverside County Food Photographer. You rock, lady.