Food Photography and Styling Challenge - March {Splash}

Loved this challenge from our newly named The Inspired Plate food photography and styling group - a tangent from The Bloom Forum. (How the heck did I get included in this talented group of 13 women across the country??)

March's challenge was to create a Splash.

Wait.. Is it really MARCH?

Don't answer that, please.

Seeing a splash caught in mid-movement has always captivated me.

It's something you can't totally's wild and messy...not one moment can ever be completely reproduced.

There's a pure beauty to it all.

Not unlike life.

I LOVE making messes and was super excited for this challenge. Years ago, this was one of my favorite types of photos to shoot (I'm a littttttle out of practice, to say the least).

So here's what I was able to get from the 10 minutes I found to shoot. I can't wait to dig up all my previous splash/mess/Industrial Scientific photos (there's even some from school involving a rifle and some jalapeños...wear goggles if you ever attempt that).

Follow along our blog circle and see the rest of these amazing photographers' results:

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