Garden Goods

August 17, 2008

Funny how my hard work, planning and decisive container buys at Wal-Mart has been completely canceled out by one lazy moment. I watched over my planters like an anxious babysitter, leaving the leftover half-full seed packets to fry on the backyard table. More than a month passed when, in a cleaning fit, I dumped all the neglected seed packs into the planter beds thinking it was better than throwing them in the garbage.

Mother Nature will show you up every time. I continue to baby my containers, yet the planting beds have sprung tons of veggies! This is also after J and I completely dug up everything to replace my beloved boganvillia and start pretty pink hydrangeas (among other things). They continue to flourish and today I chose a few to make some snacks and complete our dinner for the night. On the menu, a variety of beets (golden, etc) and some baby carrots from my all-too-crowded WM pots.

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