Gifts & Gophers

August 18, 2008 An awesome gift of Cannas. They were given to me from one who has been overrun by them, and apparently her gophers have the same taste in flowers as those in Pismo. When we first moved here the backyard was overrun by Cannas. They ran all the round the fence. Awesome yellow orange blooms with dark green and purple leaves.

Well, those have long since been, and I've felt guilty ever since. I can't completely blame us since I finally nursed one back to health, producing those famous bright flowers, when it suddenly wilted. Attempting to brace the fallen stalk with string, I investigated and gently tilted the stalk up... the entire plant came off the ground. Evidence showed no bulb, no roots, just what was above ground. That underground rat must have had this as an appetizer before he completely sucked down a bean plant (though he did us a favor since the poor thing was on its last legs).

Everything is now being planted within chickenwire....which means that planting gets put off for longer than I'd like. Well, these Cannas did well being held in a barn for two weeks, and seem to still be doing well in our backyard according to these...

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