Hot Potato

November 11, 2008 First in the Hot Potato series...Oven Fries.

I'm a big fan of baking instead of frying, but it's not for the health reasons you'd think I'd harp about.  Fact is, I'm just lazy.  I haaate frying...the mess, the smell, the potential for severe injury (it's enough for me not to burn myself on the oven).  We "oven fry"  a lot of food, from these fries to even breaded eggplant for Eggplant Parmesean.  Can there be anything worse than having to stand over a boiling vat of oil, babysitting and swapping out batch after batch?

Here's your solution:  Spray oil and a foil-lined baking sheet.  The only babysitting required is maybe a turn halfway through baking.

And the sidenote for these Oven Fries?  What to PUT on the side.  For this batch I mixed up an Herbed Aioli (mayo that thinks it's fancy) and a Kickin Ketchup for those who like to live dangerously.

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