Lemon Obsession 2

August 31, 2008 In honor of the Un-Official End of Summer (a celebration for the end of Tourist Season will do for me), here is the Official Summer Burger: the Lemon Pepper Chicken Burger.

What do you want for dinner? I dunno. What do yooou want for dinner? And repeat. I don't even have kids yet. This is the conversation of still-newlyweds. The only one who doesn't seem to tire of a repetitive dinner menu is Blue, the chocolate lab who takes up prime couch space at our house.

These Lemon Pepper Chicken Burgers were inspired from such a conversation and worked well with what I was doing at the time (see Lemon Obsession 1). What is so awesome about these are the lemon zest and lemon thyme (so good with poultry) releasing their flavors with the heat, intensified by grilling over an open flame. Don't be scared you citrus-phobes out there...I promise the flavor stays subtle enough, yet could just wake you out of that summer grilling slump.

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