Local Places: Autumn at See Canyon

October 19, 2009 As we drove down the winding, increasingly narrow road I could see Jesse's eyes watch tree branches pass quickly over us.  The mid-morning sun was flashing through the leaves, lighting them up like Christmas lights in fall colors.  Red...yellow...orange...and over again.  We were driving down See Canyon, by way of Avila Valley, for the goal of picking tasty apples that are so plentiful out there.  I always forget that travelling there is half of the enjoyment, too.

There are quite a few orchards to choose from and even a winery along that gorgeous drive.  The brief heat wave we experienced out here on the Central Coast had me pining for Autumn, and we took advantage of this crisp fall day to remind us of the season.   Where we stopped, Gopher Glen, has an amazing selection of apple to choose from.  Don't forget to stop at the sample table!

It was a difficult decision but we chose the versatile Pippin apple, good for baking AND snacking!  None of those waxed and stickered fruit here...true perfection.   Jesse was wide eyed while we walked around the grounds and inside the shop.  The smell of a forest in autumn, nearby creek, and ripening fruit might agree with him.  When we arrived home, he helped me slice up a few for a small apple tart to make the whole house smell like fall leaves and apples.  Maybe we'll have to go back soon.....!

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