Local Places: Sunset Drive-In

June 7, 2009 Since I've already OFFICIALLY announced the start of summer, what could be a better summer activity than the Drive In?  San Luis Obispo has one of the few Drive In Theaters that remain in business today:  The Glorious Sunset Drive In!  From what I can tell, California's Drive In Theater count is said to be anywhere from 8 to 20 that are currently in business...I feel lucky to have grown up with many nights at this landmark through out the years.

There is nothing better than packing the car full of pillows and blankets, candy, popcorn and your favorite beverage, with a double feature in front of you and a night time summer sky above.

YES, you've got to brave the crowded rows of mini-vans, trucks and roaming children to find your perfect spot.  YES, you will forget to run to the bathroom or snack bar before the intermission, forcing you to wait in lines that rival free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's, while those precious interim minutes tick by.  And YES, you will inevitably spill popcorn, candy or your favorite beverage (or all 3, ahem...) in the darkened cavern that is your car.  Drive slow.  Meet new friends in line.  Bring extra napkins.

Did I mention the awesome cartoons during intermission?  I was hoping to see the classic ones they still showed when I was younger, "Let's all go to the Lobbbby" with the dancing hot dogs!  (What they showed was still pretty awesome in it's 70's glory.)

These are small prices to pay for an experience that at one point could have rivaled baseball as a national past time.  (Another "small price" is the mere $6 charge for two brand new movies.)  So pack the cooler, load up the car and get the heck out of your house to take advantage of a classic summertime joy.