Local Places: Trattoria Grappolo

April 27, 2009 One of my favorite benefits of living on the Central Coast is the ability to completely "get away" from it all by driving just a short distance.  We have so many different climates and landscapes in this sweet spot of California that you are sure to discover something new with each weekend trip!

I wanted to share a bit of our time at a fantastic Santa Ynez restaurant, Trattoria Grappolo.  This bistro specializes in country regional food with an elegant flair without feeling stuffy (you know, that "I'd better sit up straight and keep my hands folded in my lap" feeling you get at some nice restaurants??).  We had a refreshing caprese salad, among other dishes, and everything was fresh and beautiful and served by very nice and helpful wait staff.

So the next time you need to leave it all behind for an afternoon, take the scenic (vineyards abound!) drive to a not-so-far-away place that allows you to pretend you've gone much farther!

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