Localette branches out!

I wanted to take a moment and thank a couple of great websites that have listed Localette as a place to go for foodies and local living!  CulinarySchoolGuide.org has a new post, "100 Must-Have Sites for Vegans, Vegetarians and Locavores", that advises culinary students to educate themselves about the vastly expanding population of those interested in vegan, vegetarian, and locavore lifestyles.  A must, in my opinion, for those about to jump into that big culinary world. Another great site to check out is Blissful Bites, written by a fellow foodie.  The latest post, "What it's like to be living green", gives some great resources for everything from recipes to community organizations to even online "ethical stores".

Thanks to both these sites...I'm thrilled to be included in such great guides!