Panini perfection {San Luis Obispo, Ca}

* This is totally how we do St. Patricks Day now! Our St. Patty's Panini! *  Super easy and gives you more time for downing those Irish Car Bombs.  A bonus is that paninis are the best grub after you've downed a few green beers. These aren't pictured here, so here is our St. Patty's Panini recipe: Thinly sliced corned beef (Boar's Head at the deli counter is good), a sharp Irish Cheddar, mustard of choice (really good with a brown spicy, sweet honey, or good old regular yellow)...and here's the kicker... Sauteed Cabbage.  I know it sounds a little bizarre, but once this sandwich is in the press, the flavors meld together beautifully.

Here are a couple other combos that we've tried. First, a Pear, Sharp Cheddar and Sage Panini (the taste of the sage totally transforms when heated).

And second, a Caramelized Onion, Roasted Turkey, Grated Parmesan and Pesto Mayo Panini.

Always a stand by dinner for us, paninis are perfect for using whatever is in your fridge or pantry. Besides a couple standard ingredients (any sort of bread and cheese), you can let your imagination run.  Let me know if you find some good combos in your own experimenting!!