Pot Sticker from Heaven

August 19, 2008

You know those appetizers that completely take the spotlight off your dinner, (and make it impossible to have room for it as well)? Super easy theme nite (uh..."late Chinese New Years?). These Pot Stickers were an easy way to make use of won ton wrappers that I brought home a while ago to make raviolies. Any veggies that are around can be sauteed with a little sesame oil/garlic, and folded into these little packets. 3 cups of cabbage with sliced peppers, carrots, green onions, etc. can make 24 to 48 of the little gems. It really depends on how much you pack in! Just a small amount of browning in the pan and a 3 minute steam bath is all the stickers need. I dip these in a bit of ls soy sauce, seasame oil, pepper, garlic, ginger.

But hey...you don't have to be so fancy...we mainly ate them out of the pan.

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