Real Change.

This is the change we have.

Like with lots of people, our change is mixed with the other bits of our life... nuts, bolts and candies (and bass picks) from my husband's pockets, old key rings from my purse, batteries that I'm not sure if they're good or not...  It says a lot to me.  I've had to pick through this change to help buy things and I'm not ashamed to say it.  In fact, I'm proud of it.  To think of the amount of money we wasted ages ago, whether through carelessness, greediness, or laziness, I have to shake my head.  Change that normally slips through our fingers can really make a difference.

I am sick sick sick of turning on the news and seeing reporters exclaiming "Market Meltdown!!" and "Slumping Sales!!" all coinciding with a teaser bit before the commercial, "What's Really on Obama's Blackberry??"

It's making America crazy...making things worse by expectation.

While watching this, I sat warm and cozy, legs in my sleepy husband's lap, thinking..."I'm warm, I'm fed and I'm happy."  I am grateful for the home we live in (rotting through but in an amazingly beautiful place); I'm grateful for the ingenuity to make good meals every night; I'm grateful for the love and support of friends and family near and far that would never flinch to help us, especially in a time of need.

I see our change and I see our life.