Red & Green

December 23, 2008 In tribute to the season (and to make up for some long overdue recipes), a color-inspired post.

Here is the best Gingersnap recipe you'll ever come across...hands-down serious!  They don't turn into those tooth-breaking air hockey pucks that I've gotten from the grocery store...instead they're slightly soft, yet have a crispy, crunchy outside (from a roll in sugar before baking).  Yuuuum!  Want instant Holiday atmosphere?  Just throw a couple of trays of these Gingersnaps into the oven and you'll transform your house into a festive-smelling, warm and cozy retreat!  Follow the recipe over here...

On the other side of the color-coin, a recipe that's good all year round....PESTO!  Ok, pesto with a twist:  Parsley Pesto.  I always have some sort of parsley growing in my yard, but every now and then I'll buy a big handful for a certain recipe, then have at least half of the bunch leftover to wilt in my crisper drawer.  Here's my solution, and it's perfect for those that think regular pesto is a little overbearing.

In addition to preventing a crisper catastrophe, there are some great benefits to adding Parsley Pesto to your menu.  An excellent source of Vitamins K, C and well as having a decent amount of Folate and Iron (that's 3 times as much vitamin C as in oranges, and twice as much iron that's in spinach).  With a serving of just 2 tablespoons of parsley, you'll also get some cancer fighting oils and antioxidants.  Not bad, eh?

I upped the anti of this little power plant with a turn in the blender with some walnuts and almonds (use traditional pine nuts, if desired).  Add this pesto to roasted veggies and pasta, or use to top a cracker or soup...  This recipe also freezes great for future use...see the recipe here!