Spring Mix

March 27, 2010 Can we chat about my latest obsession?  Bloom Microgreens have been popping up in my SLO Veg deliveries this year and I can't get enough of these fresh and tasty little leaves!

I add them to sandwiches, on top of my morning bagel (with avocado, to die for) or sprinkle them into salads.  Microgreens are the young sprouts of vegetables and Bloom has a huge variety to choose from.  My personal favorite right now is their Rainbow mix, which includes cabbage, broccoli, chard and sunflower shoots.  The Sunshine mix is so tasty as well, and I'm looking forward to trying their Asian mix (includes wasabi sprouts!) and their selection of herb greens.

I have to add another reason for why I love these microgreens.... have you ever gotten a box of sprouts from the grocery store and tried to take just a pinch out at a time?  It's virtually impossible and I always end up yanking the whole lot out of the box.  Bloom microgreens are easy to take out a few at a time... I don't know, it's the little things that make me happy!    Bloom is located in Los Osos, CA and run by Kara Wood, yet another wonderful local business to support.   Yum!

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