Sweet Madeleine

April 10, 2009 I need to share a total thrift store score that I recently found! (Okay...bragging may be more like it.) These sweet little pans were a mere $1.70 and I couldn't resist snatching them up. I assumed them to be Madeleine pans with their beautiful shell impressions and that's exactly what I used them for!

Madeleine cookies are rooted in French history, though that history varies depending on your sources. All I can be sure of is that these spongy, vanilla-y, delicate little scallops are totally addicting and are perfect for dipping in tea, coffee or hot chocolate.  Here is also the perfect opportunity for your creative juices to flow...these cookies are virtually a blank canvas for flavors!  Here I made the original version along with Lemon Poppyseed and of course, Chocolate Chip.

View the recipe I used here!

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