The Crab Hunter and a Lesson from Annie Hall {Avila Beach, Ca}

Look at this kid. He seems harmless, right?

Well, he's your worst nightmare if you're a Dungeness crab...

I loved witnessing my two-year-old's adventure on the Harford Pier at Pt. San Luis. His exciting afternoon included talking back to a very loud Sea Lion and a brave battle with some crabs (by the way, we won the fight and they made a very delicious dinner).

A perfect day for me? Take me out somewhere sunny, very close to the water, and then feed me. (Okay, feeding me might be my favorite part.) Bring along this kiddo and it can't get much better.

Jesse chose the fiercest looking Dungeness crabs (at over 2 lbs each, he's got good taste in pricey seafood when he's not footing the bill). His squeals and giggles were hilarious as those big guys snapped their claws at the air...I might have even let out a scream or two, myself. I repeat, might have.

Handling crabs or lobsters always make me think of that scene in Annie Hall...

It's a lovely thing that they drift to sleep when packed in ice, too bad Annie didn't know that. Aren't these sleeping beauties gorgeous? Shhhh.....they don't know what's coming...

Now, to steam or boil? We've always boiled our crabs but will try steaming next time just for kicks:

To season the water I use Old Bay or any Creole seasoning in the pantry, a couple bay leaves, a lemon cut in half...sometimes a clove of garlic or two. I'll add a bit of sherry if I'm feelin fancy (ahem, some for the crabs, some for me).

Keep it simple with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of parsley, and melted butter...seriously, don't forget the butter...

Nothing better than the smell of salt water on your skin, a few extra freckles on your nose, your hair tangled by the ocean breeze, and the taste of buttery crabby goodness on your fingertips.

I wholeheartedly believe dinner tastes better this way.