The first of Joi ~ Weddings

June 23, 2009 I'm thrilled to share some very special images from the first of Joi ~ Weddings!  Graham and Carissa are such an awesome couple, so outgoing and friendly, and I'm very thankful for them for trusting me to shoot their big day.  A wedding photographer is invited in to some of the most intimate and memorable moments of peoples' lives and it was an honor to be there to record those moments for these two.

Plus, isn't it SO amazing how G obviously adores his new wife?  Yup, he's definitely in deep for this woman... <3

If you would have asked me ten years ago if I'd ever shoot a wedding, the answer would be unoquivically NO WAY!  Talk about a job with a lot of pressure to do a great job and not screw up!  Throughout the past year, however, my outlook has changed on what being a wedding photographer means.  It started by returning to the first reason I fell in love with photography:  photographing people.  Last year brought up more and more portrait opportunities, and ultimately had me begin to photograph families and couples.  I was taken back by how incredibly rewarding it was to give such a special service to people....capturing and recording a moment in their lives which they will always look back on for years to come.  One of those light-switch moments, you know?

Well, this year has obviously brought a lot of great things my way and this is how I stumbled into adding weddings to my repetoire.  Having our wedding day captured by a great photographer (and fellow Brookie), Rachael Short made me realize how valuable those photos were.... your wedding day can be such a blur that I was so grateful for someone to show me what I missed at my own wedding!  I'm so happy that I can do this for others now and can't wait to do more and more!  (and yes, one of those WILL be when I'm 9 months pregnant....I'm crazy!)  Thank you to everyone reading for humoring me with my hiatus from the kitchen....I promise to get back in there ASAP! ~ Jen