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Visions of Sugar Cookies...

Desserts, Food, Recipesjoadmin

November 19, 2008

ok...well, technically these are more like butter cookies.  To my surprise, shortbread is nothing more than butter, flour and sugar...perfect for packing on those mandatory 10 holiday pounds!  The simple make-up of these cookies produces rich and delicate, crisp and crumbly, savory little tidbits.  It's said to have been born in Scotland, then ran its way through the rest of Europe (England, Denmark, Sweden).  Who could blame anyone for sharing the love?

Shortbread cookies are perfect in their basic form, but are a great platform for flavor experiments.  I split the difference with both plain and Lemon Poppyseed cookies...and of course, both were iced with a simple glaze for extra special holiday sparkliness.

Sparkling Shortbread Cookies...