Where's the Beef?

March 3, 2009 Yes I really used that as a title.  Sorry, it seemed appropriate!

Here is the promised elaboration on my pregnancy-induced vegetarianism!  I've never been a big carnivore and so these changes are a welcome motivation to learn more about this healthier way of life.  Aside from salads, tofu stir frys, and burritos, my vegetarian recipe repertoire has been pretty limited, especially when it comes to making sure vital nutrients are included in the dishes.

Ok, so I could have also tlitled this blog Locally Made and here's why...  While purusing a reading list from my doula, a title caught my eye and I decided to check it out.  The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook turned out to be exactly what I've been looking for, the bonus being that it's focused for soon-to-be mothers like me!  I was so fortunate to meet the author of this gem, Cathe Olson, who has also written a healthy recipe book for infants and toddlers, Simply Natural Baby Food.  Cathe is a very accomplished locally-based author and amazing source of information, see here blog here.  This book is an amazing source of nutritional information and reeeeally yummy and creative vegetarian recipes, all used by her and her family to this day.  I've earmarked so many pages in my new favorite cookbook that I've decided to use this not only as inspiration for my kitchen adventures, but as a tool to expose more of you to the vegetarian options you didn't know you had.

Here is my first venture:  Butternut Lasagna.  This recipe instantly became a dinner staple for us after trying it for the first time, being lovers of butternut squash, and it also includes all the good stuff our little pumpkin needs to grow right (butternut squash, kale and walnuts provide folate, omega-3's and vitamin A to name a few...).

For the recipe, get your own copy at Cathe's Website for half price (hello $11!) and you can venture into your own veggie lifestyle and support an incredibly valuable local talent as well!

Look for more of Cathe's recipes as I make my way through the book!

The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook by Cathe Olson